Milky Way

By: node1618
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“Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction.” - Pablo Picasso.

This experimental generative artwork places us in the audience of a painter going through cycles of painting over previous work in a bid to get a perfect finish. It is an exploration of creative destruction as an everyday reality of life, a reality of everyone. Each piece is an attempt to bring the "behind the scenes" to the limelight. There is much more to appreciate during the process than from the finished product. It is more about the journey than the destination. The ugly sides of our stories are also very worthy to tell. The drafts are as worthy of celebration as the final products. The rough edges are as good as the smooth edges.

"The world is made of creation and destruction, and the act of destruction is as important as the act of creation." - Isabel Allende
"Creative destruction is a process of continual reinvention that is the essential companion to creation." - John Weiser

We lose to gain. We fall to rise. We sink to swim. We crash to soar. We dissolve to reform. We end to begin. We wilt to bloom. We break to build. Destruction and construction are in perpetual continuum. The interplay of the new and old, and of the old and new. Dancing in chaotic magnificence, to the tune of balance.

Life is a delicate balance. Of peace and conflict. Love and hatred. Confusion and clarity. Glory and shame. Victory and failure. Tears and smiles. Betrayal and loyalty. Spontaneous. Sporadic. Streamlined. Surprises. Life is a Milky Way. Like stars, we explode, disintegrate. From beautiful supernovas, we can form new stars and twinkle through the beautiful nights.

Each piece revolves around circular forms, representing perfection and harmony. This harmony is disrupted by other geometric forms. Then recovery is attempted through the colors, brush strokes, and textures. Some pieces incite chaos. Others incite cordiality. Others? It is up to us. Like the fluidity of life, there is not one way to interpret any piece. They will just go with the flow.

Node1618 uses generative, experimental art to explore the constraints of life and freedom.

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