Artist Application

1) You should have a sharable portfolio. Meraki will only accept projects with a working prototype and you should include that in your application.

2) Your code must be available for review. Meraki has it's own code compiler in the Artist backend. This means you can bring your code in and edit and test it. If you are collaborating, you must submit the names of all participants.

3) Your submission must be original. We will not accept any applications with content that does not belong to you. We're excited for this new era of generative art and look forward to your submissions!

We appreciate your patience as we work through this next wave, it's a time-consuming labor of love. If/when we get overloaded, we'll put a another temporary pause on applications and work through the backlog in chronological order.

Please rate your technical/coding proficiency on a scale of 1 to 10. For joint projects, please complete for the most technical member of the team.

If you already have a working prototype for your Meraki project, please share a link for it here. This can be a standalone website or hosted on OpenProcessing, CodePen, etc.


I acknowledge that Meraki has full discretion as to the selection of projects deployed on the platform and that it could be weeks or months before my project is approved.

I acknowledge that my project will consist of 100% original content created by myself or my collaborative team and will not contain content that is purchased or requires licensing from third parties.